The BEARDLY BENEFITSSM of having me on your team:

While I will skillfully market your house or search for the home of your dreams/needs - and have all the resources, tools, and the team necessary to close your deal - WHAT IT REALLY BOILS DOWN TO is that you want to partner with someone you can TRUST (both the advice you get as well as the person in general) and can enjoy communicating with and spending some time with. 

I MAY BE YOUR GUY.  We'll have to meet to know for sure, right?

I'll also donate 25% of MY commission to YOUR favorite local charity!*

Now lets get to the stuff that I hope will make you remember me (Yes, it's supposed to be corny to be memorable, but it's all true - remember the trust thing!):

Once you are my Client, I am YOUR BEARDLYSM REALTOR®, not just THE BEARDLYSM REALTOR®; and I am Your REALTOR®, not just your Real Estate Agent. The differences, you may ask, should be important to you and can be potentially vital to the outcome of your real estate transactions.

How can you make me YOUR BEARDLYSM REALTOR®?

It’s simple whether you are a BUYER or a SELLER (and yes, I can help you RENT or LEASE as well)!! 

If you are a BUYER, in most cases, the SELLER WILL PAY ME to represent YOU as the BUYER!  (Awesome, right? It wouldn’t cost you ANYTHING additional in that case to have me represent you.  Talk about a BEARDLY BENEFITSM!)  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be represented by a BUYER’S AGENT (I’d be your BEARDLYSM Buyer’s Agent in this case) that will (and is actually legally obligated to) HAVE YOUR BACK and ACT IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS to negotiate the best deal possible for you.  Contact me to be by your side from searching for your dream home to closing and handing you the keys! 

If you are a SELLER, you'll quickly see the value of choosing me to represent you while marketing your house, negotiating terms that are in YOUR best interests and successfully closing the deal! We invest heavily in marketing to ensure visibility all over the internet on all the websites that people use to search for homes.  We'll take professional photos for you and even CREATE A 360 DEGREE VIRTUAL TOUR and DRONE aerial photography so potential buyers have a great experience checking out your house online.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, I PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY BEARD IS.  I DON’T GET PAID A DIME unless your deal CLOSES.  I work hard for YOU and MYSELF to get the deal done!  Deal falls through at the end?...  I don’t get paid!  You back out of the deal?...  I don’t get paid!  The other party backs out of the deal?...  I don’t get paid!  The mortgage falls through?...  I don’t get paid!  All of those scenarios would result in your dissapointment and ME LOSING MONEY and time.  My goal, of course, is to NOT allow that happen.  I think you get the idea.  WHEN, and ONLY when, I close your deal, I get paid for doing so.  For that reason, and because I strive to provide YOU with the BEST SERVICE possible, I will be working with you by your side throughout the entire process to make it as easy and stress free as possible. 

As YOUR BEARDLYSM REALTOR®, I possess the following BeardlySM powers:

BEARDLYSM Advice:  Remind me to tell you about one of the biggest mistakes Buyers & Sellers make on a DAILY BASIS (ESPECIALLY IN THIS MARKET). If you fall in love with a home, or need to sell quickly for the best price, YOU NEED THIS ADVICE in order to have the best chances of closing the deal!.

White Beard-Hairs of Wisdom:  I've earned them from experience both in life and in real estate.

BEARDLYSM Responsiveness and Client-Centricity:  I'll get back to you and do what's best for you.  I have a RELENTLESS FOCUS on my Clients.

BEARDLYSM Business Cards:  They're unforgettable (like me).  Thats the whole point.

I keep a few tricks and a team of professionals up my beard:  I think outside the box and am an Innovative PROBLEM SOLVER and have a team of professionals to recommend if you are looking for a Lawyer, Mortgage Banker, Inspector, Plumber, Electrician, Contractor, etc.

Technology at my Beard-Tips:  Including augmented reality to walk the property boundaries with you in real time, a drone to scope out an aerial view of the property, a 360 degree camera to provide a 3d virtual tour, and more!

BEARDLYSM Vision:  As someone who has personally rehabbed properties, I can help you envision the potential of a property and understand the big picture of what may need to be done to it.

General BEARDLY-nessSM:  I am a Strategic and Savvy Negotiator; Authentic, Friendly yet Firm; Casual yet Professional; Genuine and Personable; Discrete; Ethical; Easy Going yet Tactfully Assertive (for you).

BEARDLYSM House MARKETING and Home SEARCHING Skills, Tools, and Resources:  What I bring to the table in these areas is further augmented by my partnership with HUNT Real Estate ERA.

BEARDLYSM Appetite, Cooking Skills, and Hobbies: I can tell you where to find the best REAL Pizza and Restaurants; I have some great recipes to share; and I'm just as happy talking about Real Estate as I am many other topics (Super Hero Movies for example)... I'm sure we'll have some interests in common!

Last but certainly not least:  As a Realtor®, I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors®, of which I am a member.  This Code of Ethics holds my Realtor® colleagues and I to a higher ethical standard than non-member agents who are merely licensed by the state.  The Code of Ethics goes well above and beyond the law in ensuring we treat our Clients and others with fairness, honesty, and integrity.

So what are you waiting for? Put me and my Beardly Benefits™ to work for you in Central New York!

TEXT OR CALL me for a Rapid Response between 6am and 10pm or ANYTIME with a real estate emergency:

(315) BEARDLY (232-7359)

EMAIL me 24/7/365: